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Online Baccarat Card game With the most players in Thailand The style of play is similar to Playing cards bounce by will Play cards online via the online G Club. Royal Online has easy rules to play. Just a few steps Waiting to receive the amount to bet immediately. Online Baccarat is a 50/50 gambling game, which will choose which side will win. There will be 2 sides: Player and Banker. For this reason, playing baccarat online There is an easy opportunity to win the most online casinos.

How to play baccarat
Baccarat is divided into (players) and (dealer) members can bet on either side Division (Players) PLAYER And the department (banker) BANKER The combined points are close to 9 points In that one eye, the banker and the player receive at least 2 cards each. But not more than 3 tickets Which will use all 8 decks of cards The first and third cards will be dealt with the players. The second and fourth cards will be dealt with by the dealer.

Card point reading

Card point reading
cards with the face image (arrogance) and 10 counts equal to 0
ace cards (A) count is equal to 1
for other cards, All counted according to the face value

The value of each card is the sum of all the cards in the hand. Therefore, the party that holds 8 and 9 will have 7 (because of 8 + 9 = 17). And only counting the last digit. Therefore, 10-point cards have zero value. The counting points are always counted from 0 to 9 (unlike playing Blackjack or Macau You) and cannot count points separately

Winning the game Online Baccarat The party with the most card results and the card closest to 9 points wins

Winning the game Online Baccarat

People who bet on the player’s side Get 1 to 1 betting game money
those who bet on the banker Receive a 1 to 1 stake but must be deducted 5%, which is the wagering fee

the person who always bets on the side Get a 1 to 8 betting money
Those who bet Double player Get a 1 to 11 betting game money
those who bet Dealer paired Get the bet money 1 to 11

** When a card result is a tie All bets, whether the dealer or card players (Except for a pair of cards) can be withdrawn and not playable. Loss in this eye